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The Ramlakhan Limin Spot

Cousins, come and buss a lime. What on yuh mind?

The Ramlakhan Cousins Limin Spot
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What do you call a fish that eats Doubles?
A "Barra"-cuda!!


Calling all cousins of the Ramlakhan family corn patch - introducing The Ramlakhan Lime Spot!!

What is it?

A place we can post randomly on and keep in touch and just express anything at all that crosses our minds. You can post pictures (behind an LJ Cut-see below), or links to sites you think we should go and comment on anyone else's post.

You'll have to get a membership to Live Journal but I do warn you, it's highly addictive! Hopefully we can all keep in communication this way, whenever we have time, whatever the occassion, and help each other out with advise and just anything that would make our days a bit easier.

80s, all fours, beach, beach lime, beatles, beaucaro, books, bvs, calgary, camp, cards, carib, chaguanas, chicken pies, chicken roti, chow, chutney, coconut jelly, coconut water, coloured popcorn, comics, coral springs, corny jokes, doubles, drags, dub, england, enid blyton, fry aloo, hindi class, indian movies, kay donna, ketchup, lange park, lessons, limin, londonville, marabella, maracus, maxi taxi, mayaro, mazdas, miami, muppets, new york, over dey, over here, pedro, pelau, pink cheese paste, pointe a pierre, potato roti, puffs, records, retro, river lime, rock and roll, san juan, satsangs, scarborough, snow cones, somewhere near london, sorrel shandy, stag, tobago, toco, toronto, torturing jar jar binks, trinidad, tyrico, vancouver, waterloo